About Us

100 years of Food Service experience pulled together to
give you a very unique company and an alternative in the market.

This company was built on loyalty to our customers, brokers and each other.
All important, none less important.

We bring you a product line that helps you and your customers build a strong business
and offers and affordable alternative in a market dominated by mega company’s.

Join us and enjoy working again with a manufacturer that cares about you. PURE.

About Pure packaging

Management Team

Dan Whitehead
Phone: 404.422.3092
Email: dan.whitehead@pure-packaging.com
Jim DiCroce
Vice President Sales
Phone: 609.705.8466
Email: purepackaging@aol.com
Nathalie Whitehead
Director Operations
Phone: 770.667.0609
Email: nathalie.whitehead@pure-packaging.com